In July 2018, God put together a team of believers who went to Creve to assist local churches with Vacation Bible School.

If you've been to a Vacation Bible School (or similar summer church activity) in the United States, you might have experienced a fun-filled week of Bible stories, arts and crafts projects, recreational activities, and yummy snacks.

We're incredibly blessed to have had such experiences! Many of us even began to believe in Christ through these events, learning of His deep love for us through the simple instruction of devoted teachers.

What do you know about Haiti?

You may have heard it's the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, that it has a really bad deforestation problem, or that government corruption stunts its economic growth.

We're not here to argue these points or guilt trip anyone into anything - this post seeks to share what we've experienced during our work in Haiti through Vacation Bible Schools.

So how do 10-12 people put together VBS for 3400 children across 13 locations in less than two weeks?

It's simple, really - local churches! Local Haitian churches are the backbone of the summer VBS program.

Oh, and it helps that VBS in Haiti lasts only a half day.

VBS usually consists of a Bible story.

Here, a Mountain of Hope team member teaches a Bible story through a translator.

Students receive a new French Bible!

By God's grace, Mountain of Hope distributed approximately 1800 French Bibles!

Students participate in an interactive skit based on a Bible story.

Recreation ensues!

The day wraps up with lunch.

Food is loaded onto the truck and delivered to the cooks.

A team of Haitian cooks prepare large amounts of food each day.

For many students, this is the only meal they'll have that day.

Mountain of Hope plans VBS trips each summer - if you're interested in joining a team, send us an email at info@mountainofhope.net