Water Project - 2018

In June 2018, God put together a team of believers who went to Creve to assist in installed a community water purification system.

This is the community water cistern. Build by the United Nation's CARE program in 1985, the spring-fed water cistern is a consistent source of water, but tests show that it contains dangerous bacteria.

Together with the Jeaclin, the local Haitian engineer, Mountain of Hope partnered with Water-4-Nations and created a plan to transport the cistern water to more accessible locations for the surrounding communities where the water could be more easily purified.

The spring is located in a valley, so piping was installed to pump the water up the steep hills.

Local workers dug a trench by hand in the difficult terrain so that the pipe could be buried, which will help protect it.

The pipe lands at a tower capable of holding 600 gallons of water.

Local workers prepare the tower's foundation. It has to be strong!

A worker helps to prepare the foundation.

The tower starts to take its shape!

The water tanks are getting installed.

Jeaclin and Johnny (water-4-nations) work through engineering details

Johnny begins making the final connections for the purification system.

The first water to get purified!

The water pump that supplies the water from the cistern needed an overhaul.

Final testing of the water pump.

The people began to gather in anticipation!

Now that's clean water.

We're so excited to see the response from the community over this project!

This is just the first of three towers where the community can more easily obtain clean water. Piping has already been installed for the other two locations and the final two towers are scheduled to be constructed in July 2019. Stay tuned for updates!